JANUARY, 22, 2012


Dear Mr. Komurcuoglu,

Here is an idea for LIONESS 1.

I haven't yet worked out the size of the blocks.

I thought a LIONESS would be good to have along with LION 7a.





Dear Mr. Komurcuoglu,

Here are some drawings of what I have in mind.

There will probably be changes depending on what thickness of stone is available.

The design might have to change to make it stronger.

I was hoping to use material that you already had at the factory.

Anyway this is the direction I'm thinking of going in.

All the best,

John Massee


Dear Merih,
Here is what is needed to make this.  It all depends on what is available. I will update this site often....

I haven't bought airline ticket yet.  Will get you the info as soon as I have it.  Will try to go on the same dates as Ted.

See Ferroglyphs


1  sheet of Steel

1750mm x750mm x 25mm thick

1 length of 150mm square tubing +- 6mm thick for 3 or 4 columns

A few blocks of Stone for main base and column bases


Oxy-Acetylene cutting torch with large tip

Grinder with discs

Various hammers and chisels




it is possible for us to make dishtowels,
t-shirts etc., by spray painting through
the figures! 

See Paraphernalia




Dear Merih,

Here's still another idea...

The size of the steel plate is different but that doesn't matter.

Maybe there is a scrap yard that we can get the steel cheaper and recycled...I don't know. This one also has a Limestone base.


Another idea of what to do with the figures